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Drone Inspection Services

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Roof, chimney and gutter inspections typically require observation by climbing onto the roof and walking the roof line, viewing from a ladder or observing from ground level. These types of observations are potentially dangerous, inaccurate and in some inaccessible instances not possible at all. Inspecting every inch of a roof is highly unlikely due to the time required, physical exertion, risk of falling and weather conditions which result in a limited inspection at best.

Drones are able to capture high quality video and photos of the entire roof, chimney and gutter system. They can also be used to inspect the exterior of upper levels of tall buildings, or the entire structure. Drone video inspections can be performed within a few hours, and the inspection results observed later safely from the ground.

Inspections performed by drones are faster, easier and safer. They don't require the physical ability to climb a roof, eliminate the fall hazard and lower the liabilty risk. Plus, you no longer need a tall ladder and safety harness to get on the roof.

The roof is one of the most important parts of your new home and you should know as much about it as possible. Choosing a drone inspection from Home Inspection Professional-HIP will not only give you an aerial view of the roof, but also provide you with the most actionable information about your roof and allow you to make the best decision for your home and your family.

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