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Porch Repair Estimate Report

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What is a Report Estimate Report?

The Porch Repair Estimate Report is a list of detailed cost estimates for deficiencies found during a home inspection performed by Home Inspection Professionals - H.I.P., usually available within 48 hours. The report brings a new level of transparency to help agents quickly have guaranteed and defensible estimates for their negotiations and helping homeowners truly understand the cost of repairs for their new home. This information can be used by buyers and agents as leverage as part of the negotiation process with the seller.

How is the Repair Estimate created?

Porch uses a team of pricing experts along with historical data to determine local labor and materials rates in your area. The information included in your inspection report from Home Inspection Professionals - H.I.P. and is then used as the basis for calculating repair estimates. Items that can’t be calculated with confidence (for example, lack of adequate information or items that require an in-person review) as such and will provide a best guess estimate in those cases.

How do I access my Repair Estimate Report?

All reports are accessible via a one-time-use link that’s sent to your email address when the Home Inspection Professionals - H.I.P. inspection report is ready. When you click on the link, you’ll be directed to an online version of the report which can be downloaded as a pdf. The process keeps your information private and protected.

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