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4 Point Inspection Services

Insurance companies may request a four-point report for homes 30 year old or older. Home Inspection Professionals – H.I.P. creates a report is an overview of the general condition of the roofing, electrical, plumbing and HVAC systems. Insurance companies want to make sure all four systems are in good working order or have been recently updated to ensure the safety and proper operation of these systems.

electric Electric

Looking for an outdated electrical panel, type and condition of electrical wiring, switches and receptacles in the home. Are there any other safety hazards or outdated/improperly installed materials?

plumbing Plumbing

Looking for certain plumbing material such as polybutylene and deteriorated cast iron which may be considered red flags hazards. They also want to know if there any signs of leaks, cracks or blockage.

hvac HVAC

Looking to ensure the heating and cooling system is in good working condition, has been regularly maintained, and no signs of damage or deterioration.

roofing Roofing

Looking to ensure the roof has at least 3-5 years of life expectancy remaining. Any signs of leaks (past or present), deteriorated materials, and repairs are also noted.

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