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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why do I need a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is not required by law, but you certainly wouldn’t want to purchase a home without performing a home inspection. New homeowners may be overcome with the excitement of purchasing a new home and not notice obvious problems. Many times there can be hidden problems that are only detected by a licensed professional home inspector from Home Inspection Professionals – H.I.P.. No home is perfect and many require minor fixes, even new homes. The purpose of a home inspection is to accurately inform the potential buyer of potential problems and the necessary fixes so that they can make an informed decision.

How do I find a good Home Inspector?

The first step in finding a good home inspector is to make sure that he/she is state-licensed and insured. You also want to make sure the home inspector is experienced, and preferably has a background in the home building industry. Being a licensed General Contractor is a major plus. Also look for how long the inspector has been licensed, what associations he/she is a member of, testimonials and of course ask friends and family for ‘word of mouth’ recommendations. Home Inspection Professionals – H.I.P. has licensed and experienced inspectors, a General Contractor Inspection Manager and belongs to several trade associations such as InterNachi and Inspector Nation.

How long does a Home Inspection take?

Most home inspections will last 2-4 hours depending upon the age, size, accessibility and condition of the home. Older homes and larger homes will require more time, as well as poorly maintained homes. It is important that Home Inspection Professionals – H.I.P. takes the time necessary to thoroughly inspect all areas and systems of the house to ensure that you can feel confident in knowing the true condition of your new home.

Should I be present during the Home Inspection?

While not required, it can be beneficial to be present during a home inspection so that you can immediately answer any questions or provide information that will assist the inspector. For potential buyers it is an opportunity to be educated about the home they are considering, and quickly learn of any problems or concerns with the property and possible fixes.

What happens if the house fails a Home Inspection?

A home inspection is not a pass/fail test, but rather a detailed evaluation of a home’s condition. After the completion of a home inspection Home Inspection Professionals – H.I.P. will provide a detailed written report specifying all the areas we inspected and noting any problem areas or concerns. The potential buyer ultimately determines whether the home passes or not.

How much does a Home Inspection cost?

A home inspection’s cost depends upon the home’s size. The larger the home the more time required to complete a detailed inspection. Home inspections start at $325 and increase as the square footage increases. Home Inspection Professionals – H.I.P. will inform you of the price when you schedule a home inspection. Homes over 4000 sf will need a custom quote due to the size and complexity of the inspection. Please call our office for price verification as we have discounts for heros (military, first-responders and teachers), price matching and package incentives.

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